Are you feeling a un-inspred by the way your home is presented?

I have been a photographer, worked in furniture, I’ve been a Visual Merchandiser, and then trained as an interior designer. Everything I have done has seemed to involve staging and presentation. Having been asked to provide this service to friends and family I realise there is a need for people to get this kind of help in their own homes.

Whether you are looking to sell your home OR you are just a bit tired of the way your place presents then talk to me – I work with what you already have, re-creating the way your keepsakes and accessories are presented to give you a refreshed look. I can suggest additional items, lamps, textures, cushions, duvets to bring in where necessary, but mostly its like a mini makeover for you beloved items. Just like us – your home needs a bit of a makeover every now and then.

How to prepare for a mini makeover:

  • Initial consult: I will come to you and see what you have and what you want changed. This is also a good time for me to suggest anything I feel is necessary before I start. (this could be a moving a piece of furniture, a particular colour cushion or throw to add, art work etc.)

  • Make sure any pieces that are ‘must haves’ are marked. Sometimes these sentimental items are a high priority and want to remain on display

  • Have any extra items out in a ‘neutral area’ that can be swopped around and pulled from when needed.

  • Be prepared to ‘pack or store’ items away. Sometimes the reason that you can get a little ‘sick’ of your displays is because we tend to add, but not take away. Knowing what to leave in is an important part of this process, and usually easier for someone outside your home. I am not a home organizer or declutter specialist. I am working to YOUR style so if you like a full quirky room or a minimalist space with a well-placed white bowl – so be it.

  • What is selected is not a reflection of your taste. It’s about what works together, so the pieces not used at this time will likely be able to use somewhere else, or they may need to be stored for a bit, and possibly used next time you need a change

  • It’s important to discuss the functionality of the space before we start. No point in doing a display on top of a cabinet- when it’s also where the karaoke machine goes every Saturday night

  • Clean the areas you want re-arranged – this is just to save time

  • You can work with me or leave me to it! If you prefer just to leave me to it, I can make you a list of any suggestions (if any) for you to look over.

  • I do not hire out or provide items for your home. I can provide a shopping service, This is not about the major furniture pieces in your home. Its about accessories and dressing spaces to give you space a change of look.

  • I suggest you start with one or two spaces. That way if you fall in love with your home again and feel like a change is just what you needed, then we can look at other spaces to work on.

Your next step: Easy contact me either by phone, email or contact form below and we will make a plan to get started.