Inc Interiors reversible sacks - while these can be used for any type of storage, but they have been really popular as an alternative to a ceramic pot for your indoor plants - Like my cushions they are all unique. Some of them are made from off the shelf fabrics while others from hand-printed fabrics - so they are even more unique! As each one is individually created you can specify your colour/style and size, prices start from $30.
Handmade in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Image of lino cutting tools and freshly cut lino block. The lower half of the image is the lino design stamped in white over charcoal fabric. It hs leaves and trianges and repetitive lines
Two planter sacks sitting on a loght coloured benchtop. They are a fabric plant pot cover. They are reversible, so we se here an example of one with a hessian turnover and the other with a hessian turnover. Both have a white print, one is over mustard fabic, the other over black. There a peace lilly i the mustard planter sack

Hand cut Lino blocks are used for the handprinted fabrics on the Inc Interiors Planter Sacks

NEW! Reversible Planter Sacks in hand marbled fabrics. Now you can buy online on my website
Image is a pyramid of plant pot covers. These are subtle colours hand marbled onto dark grey and black fabric. The colours vary from green and orange to pinks yellows and white.
A group of various plant pot covers, These all feature hand marbled fabrics. Thers some that re purple, orange, blue and a mixture of all. The have hessian on one side and the fabric on the other.
A pyrimad of colourful hand marbled fabrics made into plant pot covers. The colours are swirled and each one is differents
Pocket and Floor Cushions 
This image is of a square floor cushion and a square pocket cushion. Both cusions feature the same fabrics - a combination of blu grey fabrics and subtle patterned fabric with a simple stripe of nlue grey and taupe. Made in New Zealand
This image is 2 large square cushions sitting on a grey couch, They feature Denim fabric, mint green and white fabric and a wite fabric hand printed with a silver swirl and cross pattern. The denim is half the front but on the diagonal, so its a triangle and the other 2 fabrics make up the other half. These are very similar but not identical to each other. Made in Christchurch


Each pocket cushion is individually created to the highest standards using quality fabric and construction.

Every cushion I make is completely unique - no two are the same. Handmade in Christchurch

Custom orders are welcome 


Pocket Cushions feature a pocket at the front for a favourite book or soft toy, and a zip for easy laundering.

This image is of a square floor cushion with a matching square pocket cushion. The main colour is pink nd feature an plain pink, oibk and white geomatric print, and a pretty grey princess fabric. Suitable as a gift for anyome who loves pink and princesses! Made in Christchurch