I am not here to make your house look like mine, or to push my personal style on to your home - That's simply not the way I think it should be.

I am here to work with you, to guide you, to point out ideas and products that you may not have seen or you may not have access to. To give you confidence and keep your original vision clear - think of me as your home's cheerleader!! 

My job is to listen to you, understand your needs and help you to achieve the look that you want. 

An interior designer can be of help at any stage of the process in projects for the whole house or just one room. We can start at the beginning - to just get you on the right track, or to help you all the way to the end of the project. In the middle of the project, when you are finding all the never ending decisions, (that seemed like so much fun in the beginning) too much and you are going around in circles trying to pick the perfect shade of white (don't beat yourself up!!! I see this ALL the time), or after the project is completed and you need to accessorize, decorate, or make decisions on which rug or side table would work in the new lounge. 

Don't forget that an interior designer can often get discounts and trade pricing -

and access to designer only fabric and wallpaper libraries... 

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How it works

I work with people who are building or renovating and are looking for help with a colour scheme. I usually find that my clients tend to have a pretty good idea of what they like or what they don't (they don't always realise!)We build up a full colour scheme inside and out, roof, exterior walls, interior walls, special wall coverings, flooring, tiles, kitchen finishes, window furniture and lighting selection. I do all the leg work, collect all the samples, with options and present them to you. From there I give you advice on your scheme, but also information on practicality, durability, what I feel will work best for you and your situation.

In the end this is YOUR home, YOU are going to live there... so its is your decision.

I then create the whole scheme in a written format that you simply give to your trades.

 My interior design fees:

Interior Design fee: $80 per hour, so on average to put together a basic colour scheme and get you started with some ideas

(just walls and ceilings etc) it usually takes about 3 hours.

That includes sourcing samples and sending some ideas your way (usually via email)

(additional fees for materials, travel further than 20km)